How to Market eBooks – Marketing Outlets Explained

In this vast world of digital cluster where we elect to sit behind our laptop instead of in front of a bookshelf, we are offered many suitable choices for our next read. As a writer one of your first questions is probably “how to market eBooks that you have published?” You need to take advantage of this digital age and use its many marketing outlets in your eBook marketing strategy to unite readers with your work.

Below are a few marketing outlets to participate in. Please, do not freak out and ignore a particular outlet just because you find yourself unsure or entirely unaccustomed to the outlet. This digital realm is an astonishing thing that offers tons of information from fellow beings. If you find yourself hesitant about a certain outlet do a little research on Google to gain more of an understanding.

Make A Blog

Individuals who thirst for knowledge are specific about where they determine their sources online. Because there is a lack of real face-to-face interaction where potential buyers are able to see you and acquaint a connection centered on your physical presentation, you must formulate a distinctive effort in establishing this bond digitally.

Many people want to know that they are receiving information from an actual person. Make a blog where you explain your insights and values with booklovers. Do not shy away from uploading an image of yourself to aid in instituting a physical presence.

This is an amazing technique to share your work, feature a synopsis on your eBook, distribute a free chapter, and even generate an email opt-in list so loyal readers will be informed when you have new releases.

Make sure to include a URL link to your Kindle Sale’s Page so readers can see where they can buy your eBook.

Join Forums and Be Active In Them

The web is packed full of forums on just about any subject you could envision.

Do not believe me?

Search Google for forums on a subject that comes to mind. I promise you that you’ll discover more than a few forums.

Start with general forums, for example forums on publishing or writing. Join to become a forum member. Read through posts by other members and use your specific knowledge to respond to posted questions.

Then expand into more precise subjects, such as those akin to the focus of your eBook. The opportunities here are endless.

As a contributing member you will receive a few short lines at the bottom of your post. This is typically titled something similar to “About the Author” or “Author Bio”.

Utilize this area to endorse yourself. Provide a URL link to your blog. Offer an outlet for viewers who have found your posts accommodating to discover more about you and your work.

Article Submissions

Today discovering exactly how to do something is easier than ever before. Instead of calling your friends or family to look for a knowledgeable individual on a specific subject, now all you have to do is an easy Google search on your laptop and you will be bombarded with millions of result links to people who have posted insight on that subject.

Be one of these insightful people!

We’re all educated on specific subjects, especially the subject you’ve picked to write your eBook about. Share this specific knowledge. Submit small articles to article submitters like E-zine Articles.

When people view your submitted article and find it particularly useful they will read the bottom “About the Author” or “Author Bio” area.

Make sure to yet again include a URL link to your blog. Indicate to them how to connect with you and collect more knowledge on certain subjects.

Social Media Explosion

Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn are exploding the digital world. All of these are fantastic places to connect with possible buyers, inform them of your eBook(s), and generate a stream of traffic to your blog.

Start by making a profile page. Then journey into crafting a fanpage for your eBook(s) and even the characters within them.

These are only a very few hot marketing outlets available to include into your eBook marketing strategy. Believe me there are loads of others! Such as video advertising, SEO tactics, eBook giveaways, and so, so many more.

The question of “how to market eBooks you have published” should be far out of your mind at this point. You now need to be thinking “which outlet should I start with?”

I suggest giving each of these initial outlets a try. Then once you become familiar with exactly how they work look into some of these additional outlets I just mentioned above.

Remember the key to actually making your eBook marketing strategy work is by not just telling readers “come buy my book”, but actually enticing them with the atmosphere your book creates. With the web there is truly no end to the amount of possibilities that are available for marketing your own eBook.